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UneMeta ETH Giveback Campaign

Prize pool: 10% of the mint revenue of “哀しみのベラドンナ”

First come, first served, while supplies last


Start time: 2023.02.10 20:00:00 utc+9

UneMeta is allocating 10% of the mint revenue from the 'Belladonna of Sadness' collection to up to 200 people. Each prize is estimated at 0.02 ETH. prize claiming will be available at noon on March 2nd, consider all qualifications completed by March 1st.

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Pending Claim: 0.02 eth

How do I get ETH cash rewards

1.Check in task: 7 consecutive days

Check in

2.Hold 5 Second Dimension NFTs

Offset number of NFTs

3.Hold 5 Second Dimension NFTs for no less than 7 days

4.Before you officially claim your ETH rewards: Participate in Twitter campaigns

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How to get Diamond Hand Rewards


If you hold 5 Second Dimension NFTs for no less than 30 days, you can Second Dimension NFTsreceive additional reward

Bonus Tasks

1. Set your UneMeta profile picture with a NFT. Select now from My Projects
2. Redeem whitelist with uuu points

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